Virtual B2B Plattforms



Our digital events are...


Bind your viewers behind the screen! Digital events can be so much more than boring Powerpoint presentations. Digital events by Blank Promotion take your viewers on a journey and excite them


Amaze your viewers! Offer them a reason to stay attentive, involved and thinking ahead apart from a flood of information


Similarly as live events, every digital event needs a well planned concept, which is at least as demanding as the one of a live event. To catch the attention of viewers the concept has to be perfectly fitted for your digital appearance


The target is that all viewers take as much as possible from the event. Besides giving useful information, the focus is how to deliver them, so they stay in mind

Blank Promotion

Pros of Digital Events

Improved reach

The requirement to attend an online event is to have access to the internet. Because of that the target audience is considerably larger, compared to a live event, with relatively limited capacities

Lower cost per attendee

With a lower budget reserved for accommodation, travel, location and catering the cost per attendee can be far lower, even though the amount of possible attendees is far higher

Less time lost to travelling

Since the event is just a few few clicks away, employees won't lose time on travelling and stay on site on breaks

Digital content is easily recordable

The livestream can be recorded and after the event be used on the company channels


Lower effort on site (e.g. paper, catering) and not needed travels of attendees leads to a lower pollution

Better follow up 

The recording of the stream, viewer numbers over the course of the event and their participation lead to a better debriefing

More time efficient sequence

With the next session just one click away attendees don't have to walk around the location and maybe even having to search for their next stage

Usage of digital tools

Attendees can easily use online tools (e.g. Mentimeter) for voting and giving feedback

Blank promotion

pros of virtual b2b-platforms


Increase because of continuous, 24/7, digital availability

  • larger offering
  • acquisition of new customers
  • more publicity
  • higher revenue with existing products
  • lower costs
  • gaterhing data

Growth through worldwide access

  • larger offering
  • ACQUISITION OF new customers
  • more publicity
  • gathering data
  • boosting competion

Advance by using all the digital possibilities

  • securing sustainability
  • supporting innovation
  • uncomplicated adjustments/upgrades
  • Wow-factor
Case study

toys and kids

  • The B2B-platform for toys, digital games, baby and children
  • The virtual, year-round fair for the toy-industry
  • Exhibitors and retailers
  • Areas designed by the exhibitors

  • Self-designed areas, to present the own product range up-to-date and in the best way possible
  • Free-to-use or different premium-versions of various extend
  • Presenting own products year-round on the own virtual fairstand
  • Direct meeting requests of retailers on the platform

  • Free-to-use
  • Extensive search functionality to always find the best products
  • Browserbased, without additional Software - just one click away from an overview
  • More flexibility - saving time and money

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